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Facebook and Instagram Advertising

The bulk of our services lies within Facebook and Instagram ads, and this is where we will generate the majority of your revenue. There are a multitude of different ways that adverts can be run on this platform for all different business types and objectives, so there is no one size fits all. 

Organic reach plummeted for Facebook pages when they released their ads platform. Typically, your posts will only reach around 3 - 5% of your total followers. The solution to this - paid Facebook ads. The power that this advertising platform is unmatched in the online marketing world. You can target extremely specific groups of people and even create custom audiences based on your previous customers. The potential in this platform is limitless. 

Social Media


Many of our team started out managing social media pages. Our team of social media page managers truly understand how to convey a businesses voice to anyone who might stumble across your page. But it doesn't stop there. They find the best hashtags, create extremely engaging content and know how to get your page ranked above others. 

As a result of being in this industry for so long, we truly understand how the algorithm of these platforms work and how to get ranked above other people in the industry. It's second nature to us. 

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Content Creation

Content creation is a skill that has been learned over years of social media practice. It might sound simple however, the content we create for you is actually made to fit the algorithm perfectly and therefore rank higher and get more views than others. A large amount of this skill is due to intuition and the knowledge of what has performed well in the past, and what will perform well in the future.

Our clients usually provide us with the raw content and we edit it ready to use as page posts and content for advertising. Turn a raw video into a viral one, or give a simple photo a huge message. This is where our creative thinking really comes into play. 

Funnel Building

Sales funnels can literally triple the value of a customer. They are essentially the journey that a person goes through to purchase your products or services. We custom build sales funnels for each of our clients, adding in extra buying options and discounted offers along the way. This gives people a huge incentive to spend more or take other actions, such as recommend friends to your business.


Making Building a high converting sales funnel is one of the best assets for any business using digital marketing. They keep the customer happy, while simultaneously bringing more revenue for the business.

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